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Green Brand Identity

We were so thrilled when we completed Brand Identity Design for Green Associates. The whole journey was into a transformative journey with the aim of revamping its brand identity, ensuring that their vision and mission shined through a refreshed digital presence. With the goal of being recognized as a reputable contender in the real estate industry, they opted for an upgrade that would signal trust and forward-thinking to their clientele.


The Problems

Where did it come from?

With the trend every industry's business pattern changes and with that their way of presentation also get changed too. To redesign their brand identity we noticed they have a outdated design, inconsistent color and usage of elements. After analyzing their industry trend and competitors we found out, they are still behind than the trend. And we found out what we need to do further and what we can implement to their brand identity guideline.

The Challenges

Green faced the challenge of creating a strong base in a saturated market. Our challenge was to craft a visual identity that not only stood out but also tied up the company's mission and vision. It was vital to research thoroughly to understand the strengths and gaps of their competitors' brand strategies and to adopt a design that resonated with ongoing industry trends.

The Solutions

Through detailed industry analysis and competitor research, a brand identity was designed that perfectly communicated Green's innovative approach. The final design delivered a modern and digital aesthetic, suited for today's market, while not losing touch with the core values of reliability and professionalism inherent to the real estate domain.

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  • Date:Mar 15, 2024 07:12 PM
  • Services:Branding
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