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Lunch Log android application that simplifies the manual booking system

Our project introduces a user-friendly Lunch Booking App to make digital lunch reservations, reducing paperwork and counting errors. Integrated with existing systems, it prioritizes data security and scalability. Continuous improvement based on user feedback ensures effectiveness, supported by comprehensive training and assistance for smooth adoption.

The Problems

Where did it come from?

The idea for the Lunch Booking App came from observing the inefficiencies and challenges faced by both employees and the admin department in managing lunch bookings. Seeing hundreds of employees booking their lunches on paper for the next day highlighted the need for a more organized and efficient system. Additionally, noticing instances where guest bookings were sometimes missing from the paper further emphasized the necessity for a digital solution. Thus, the idea for the Lunch Booking App was born out of a desire to smooth the lunch booking process, eliminate counting errors, and ensure that guest bookings are accurately recorded and managed.


The Challenges

Converting a old system to a digital system was very challenging. Hundred of user will use the app so creating a easy-to-use interface was very important. The system is another matter of concern, planning for future growth is key so making sure the system can handle more users.

The Solutions

Our solution made easy for lunch bookings by offering a user-friendly app. Employees can easily schedule their lunches digitally, reducing paperwork and counting errors. Integrated with existing systems, it ensures easy operation and highest security measures safeguard user data.

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  • Date:Mar 13, 2024 07:40 PM
  • Services:Web/App Development
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